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    June 24, 2013 at 6:32 pm #412

    If your facing any problems with the mailchimp integration, make sure you are following the below steps:

    First, Configuring the HTML Code:
    1) Find the subscribe form with “id=newsletterform” and make sure the “data-mailchimp” is set to “true”

    Configuring the Mailchimp file:
    1) Login to Mailchimp
    2) Create API Key: Goto Account -> API Keys. Create a new key.
    3) The List Name: After creating the new list, You will be having a List name and List ID.
    Note: Use the “List Name”, Do not use the “List ID”
    4) Now, Open the “subscribe-mailchimp.php” file and configure the below code with your “API Key” and “List Name”.

    Note: List Names are case sensitive, so use the Exact case while typing to the “subscribe-mailchimp.php” file.

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